My Partners

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It takes a community to support our clients. Below is a list of some (certainly not all) of the partners JacqueButterfly works with to achieve her objectives:

Advertising, Media, Graphics & Communication

Hear it There
The Online source for live music events.

The Word Doctor
Graphic Therapist

Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Activities, Musicians

The Bijou Theater

The Brewster Ice Arena & Restaurant/Bar

JRS Entertainment

Music Promoters

Milford Performance Center

The Palace Danbury
Entertainment Venue

The Paramount Hudson Valley
Entertainment Venue

The School House Theater
Entertainment Venue

Business & Professional Services

GHT Communications
Public Relations, Marketing & more.

Production services, recording studio

Pyramid Productions Group
Website Design & Photography

Restaurants, Food & Beverages

Arturos Tavern

The Heights at Brother Vics
Restaurant, Music Venue

Kisco River Eatery

Muscoot Tavern

Six Degrees of Separation

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JacqueButterfly & WestchesterButterfly are “The Source” for all things related to Eating, Drinking & Partying in Putnam, Dutchess, Westchester and Fairfield County Counties. The Butterfly project was created in April 2011 to advance the social media presence of several small businesses and local restaurants in Westchester & Putnam Counties.