Artie Tobia

Jacque has brought immeasurable increase in my social media presence creating opportunities I never dreamed of.

~ Artie Tobia

Rochelle Carrington - Sandler Training

Jacque Roche is a talented writer with a unique ability to take any subject matter and add a creative twist so it connects with the intended audience. She always delivers on time and develops fun and inspiring ways to look at topics – both old and new. She is easy to work with and doesn’t need a ton of direction but is open to feedback and change. You can’t find a more talented and fun writer to work with.

~ Rochelle Carrington
President - Sandler Training®

Don Lowe

Sometimes the real "rockstar" is the one behind the scenes making everyone else look good. That's certainly the case when talking about music aficionado, radio personality, journalist, live music booker and promoter Jacque Roche. Jacque is constantly thriving to bring you the best of the local music scene. It's been a pleasure working with Jacque and we can't wait to see what she has planed for 2018!!

~ Greg Jacquin

Don Lowe

Jacque Roche truly has her finger on the pulse of the regional music scene. She fearlessly advocates for the musical artists she represents. For me, personally, Jacque has widened my musical footprint and added numerous gigs to my schedule. Love her relentless enthusiasm!

~ Don Lowe

George Mallas

Jacque Roche takes the effort and work out of booking and promoting that the artist doesn't want to do. Jacque handles press releases, news articles and bookings professionally and at a rate that won't break your bank. She is honest, up front and easy to work with. If you are looking for someone like that, give Jacque a call. You will thank yourself for doing so.

~ George Mallas

Hux & The Hitmen

Jacque came upon my music from a mutual friend and took the bull by the horns like no one else. She was strategic as she championed my band, landing us opportunities, putting her neck on the line, finding creative ways to expose us to a new audience and find us top tier gigs. She puts in the work and gets results, and, no small feat, she keeps things fun and personal, though professional too.

~ Huxley Rittman
band leader, Hux & the Hitmen

Elisa Zuckerberg

Jacque is the ultimate social media guru who is also a gifted writer that can easily translate into her PR efforts and promotion via local media outlets. She facilitates relationships between people involved in all aspects of business, connects all the dots and makes things happen. Jacque does it with such passion and heart because she LOVES music, appreciates musicians and wants to spread the love, not to mention help them all make money. She’s always coming up with creative ways to get the word out and monetize these efforts at the same time. I’ve worked for large corporations, successful start-ups, with lots of smart folks and hard working people, but have never met anyone quite like Jacque.

~ Elisa Zuckerberg
President, Hear it There

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